Before Surgery

We hope that your surgical experience will be a pleasant one. We are providing you with the following information to assist you with your preoperative preparations. Please follow all the instructions that you are given. If we can be of assistance in answering questions before the day of surgery you can reach us through our preoperative services nurse at (630) 990-2212.

About 24 to 48 business hours before your scheduled surgery, a nurse from our preoperative department will telephone you to confirm the time and date of your surgery, and to give you specific preop instructions. It is very important that these instructions are followed, because they will make your surgical experience more pleasant and safe.

In some cases, you may need lab work, EKG, or other testing prior to surgery, and these may have to be performed by your primary care provider (PCP) or cardiologist. It is therefore very important that you communicate with our preop nurse on a timely basis to avoid having to delay or cancel your surgery.

Your preoperative instructions may vary based upon the type of surgery and anesthesia that you will be having; however, they will generally include the following:

  • Do not eat or drink anything (not even water), after 12:00 midnight the day of your surgery. You can brush your teeth but don’t swallow any water. If you do, your surgery may be canceled. It is dangerous to be put to sleep or sedated when you have food or liquid in your stomach.
  • Some medications, such as blood thinners, may need to be discontinued prior to surgery, as they may have potentially serious consequences.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages at least 48 hours prior to surgery.
  • Do not take aspirin 7 to 10 days before your scheduled surgery.
  • Do not take Ibuprofen, Motrin or Advil 3-4 days prior to surgery.
  • If you are using insulin, or any other medicine, please obtain advice whether or not you should take the medicine the morning of the surgery. If you are taking Coumadin or blood thinners please notify your physician and the Oak Brook Surgical Center preoperative nurse.
  • Bathe or shower the morning of surgery to minimize the chance of infection. Wear casual, loose fitting clothing, such as a jogging suit.
  • Remove all makeup, hair accessories and jewelry, including all body jewelry. Bring only those valuables designated as absolutely necessary by the preop admissions nurse.
  • Acrylic nails should not be worn for hand, arm or shoulder surgery.
  • Bring a container for contact lenses, glasses or removable dental work.
  • Please limit the number of people who will accompany you.
  • Do not bring small children to wait for you while you are in surgery or recovery.
  • A parent or legal guardian must accompany anyone under the age of 18.
  • A responsible adult must accompany you to the surgical center. State laws prohibit driving after the administration of sedatives. Your surgery will be canceled if you do not have a ride home.
  • If you suspect you may be pregnant, notify us immediately.
  • Notify your doctor if you experience any health changes before your scheduled procedure. This includes colds, fever, flu etc.

*Consult with your anesthesiologist with regards to children under the age of three.


Some medications should be taken, and others should not. It is important to discuss this with your anesthesiologist. Also, when the nurse calls you to give you your preoperative instructions, she will ask about any medication and give you instructions regarding them. We advise our patients to bring all of their medications with them on the day of surgery, so that the anesthesiologist knows exactly what you are taking, especially if you are using any inhalers.